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Get the Ultimate Course on Creating an Engaging and Effective Email Newsletter

Your step-by-step guide to engaging, nurturing and winning clients with email and newsletters.

Just £97 (+VAT in the UK)

Approx $120 USD, €110 EUR

First modules will be available on Monday September 4th - but you can take the course anytime afterwards at your own pace.

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Self-paced video course teaches you exactly how to build a powerful email newsletter that builds authority, generates trust and wins clients.

What it takes to succeed with emails and newsletters

The different types of newsletter - how to make each one work - and which will work best for you

How to choose the best niche and topic for you

How to tap into an infinite supply of ideas for your emails and newsletters

How to make your emails engaging and persuasive through stories - and how to easily craft your own unique stories that build credibility and trust

How to structure emails so they get opened, read and acted on

How to persuade in emails: the long game and the short game

Example emails and templates you can use to get a fast start

Lifetime access to the course materials

A forum for course members to support each other and get help direct from me

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